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Hey there! I’m Cem Cengiz from beautiful Denmark. I studied economics, but I’ve always loved tattooing. I’ve been doing it professionally since 2008, specializing in realistic black and grey tattoos. Lately, I’ve been mixing in some cool blackwork styles too. I speak English, Danish, and Turkish. I am the owner of Vikink Tattoo Studios and Bheppo Tattoo Products. My goal? To make unique tattoos just for you. Check out my AI designs – they’re one of a kind! I use digital tools like Procreate and Photoshop to design. I travel a lot for my work, attending conventions and guest spots around the world. Want to know more? Check out my travel page. Thanks for stopping by and trusting me with your tattoo. It means a lot!
In the digital age, tools like Procreate and Photoshop have been my allies, enabling me to merge models and infuse intricate details into each design. As an ambassador of my craft, I frequently mark my presence at conventions and guest spots not just in Europe but globally. Curious about my travels? Visit my travel page for more insights. When it comes to pricing, my philosophy is simple and transparent. I charge per project, ensuring that whether a design takes 3 hours or 20, or spans across one session or five, the cost remains consistent. This approach offers my clients a sense of security, free from any hidden surprises. As a general guideline, an A4 size black and grey piece ranges from €1000 to €1500, while an A5 is priced between €750 and €1000. Thank you for dropping by, and entrusting me with the canvas of your skin. It's an honor I hold dear.

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